1 Year Old Program

Garden of Enlightenment

The goals of our one year old program are to foster the development of trust and to assist in the natural development of the young child’s personality. We know that trust develops in an environment where people respond attentively to the one year olds needs to be loved and accepted. In addition to needing love and nurturing, young children also thrive in an environment that promotes their strong, natural need and desire to learn.

How exactly do one year olds learn? They learn by touching and moving freely as they interact with their surroundings.  The freedom to move and explore is essential to any child’s development. Whether they are enthusiastically manipulating an interesting toy, quietly exploring the contents of a book or calmly enjoying a song, infants grow and learn emotional and intellectual independence through movement.

At Belleair Montessori Academy we provide individualized learning activities that are appropriate for even the earliest stages of a child’s development. Our materials are carefully designed to appeal to children at a given level of early development. Children flourish in a prepared, familiar environment that respect, support and respond to their basic needs for independence, exploration and movement. Materials are displayed on low, open shelves and on floor mats, all within easy reach of even the youngest child. A predictable sequence of activities and routines helps the infant feel very much at home.

We know that through the quality of holding, feeding and communicating, children acquire a strong and positive sense of self. While children are encouraged to be active, inquisitive learners, sensitive adults are always near to direct their exploration, to assist or to gently comfort.

One year olds bring special joy and need special care as they go about their very important and unique work of physical, emotional and cognitive development. Our job is to provide an atmosphere that communicates unconditional love and acceptance; in turn, our quality care permits you to feel secure as you attend to your own daily activities.