Garden of Enlightenment

1 Year Old Program

02The 1 year old classroom is a large sunlit room with lots of space for the children to move around. Children are given lessons on how to use the Practical Life and Sensorial Montessori equipment. There are also many educational toys and books available. The nurturing atmosphere of our qualified staff will introduce a variety of skills to your child. Monthly curriculum available.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Fine Motor Muscle Control
  • Verbal Expression
  • Following Directions/Playing With Others
  • Expanding Attention Span

The Magic-Garten

2 to 3 Year Old Program

04By this age the child is curious, eager and ready to learn more of the world in which he functions. Having achieved mobility and the fundamentals of communication the child is ready for a broader scope than at the home. He is ready for an environment that offers more challenges, both socially and intellectually. The 2-3 1/2 year old program at Belleair Montessori emphasizes the wholistic development of the child’s physical, emotional, psychological and sensorial faculties, as well as its intellectual powers. Current monthly curriculum available.

Garden of Learning

3 1/2 to 6 Year Old Program

03The 3 year age span in the classroom allows the younger child to observe and learn from the older child, both academically and socially. The 4 year old child feels success from being the model and needs the pre-kindergarten “year of confidence” before entering kindergarten and upper grades. The Pre-kindergarten/Kindergarten classroom at Belleair Montessori has an atmosphere in which any child would love to learn. Each of the four areas of Montessori are extensively incorporated into the daily curriculum.