Thank you so much for the last year! Declan has loved every minute and it really shows-he can’t wait to “go to school” in the morning!  He has always felt safe and loved. Your staff has been terrific and we never doubted how much they cared for him.  He has turned from a little baby to a very independent (sometimes stubborn) toddler, and it is because of the education and care he has gotten from all of you.  We are so grateful for everything! 

Tim and Andrea

“I send my child to BMA because of the positive learning environment and quality of teaching.”


“I send my children to BMA because the teachers are wonderful and have helped my sons continue to grow. I trust them with my kids.”


“I send my child to BMA because he learns well and has become a smart young boy at BMA. I am grateful for everything he has been taught.”


“My daughter has been here since the age of 1. She loves her teachers and friends. She does well with the Montessori curriculum. It is a safe, clean, nurturing, and warm environment. The teachers are wonderful, and my daughter loves it here!”


“I knew of the school for the last 20 years. I like the Montessori teaching method and
Brooke has blossomed here.”

—Sharon Pedicone

“The school and Montessori method has provided A’mani with amazing manners and values.”

—Alishia Redmond

“Thank you for all your professionalism and help with Mason over the last 2 1/2 years. He’s progressed very nicely and is ready for kindergarten.”

—Jennifer Kras

“I really appreciate the teachers for their kindness, dedication and structure offered to not only my daughter but to all of the children attending. My daughter has been attending Belleair Montessori Academy since she turned one and now she is four and her advancement from attending has been beyond my expectations. The years we’ve spent coming here has been the best years experience as a first time mother. I cannot be more proud of the loving capabilities instilled in her by all of the wonderful teachers and staff. Thank you guys so much!”

—Kaneisha Harris

“To Prospective Parents:

It is with great pleasure that I write to you about my family’s experience at Belleair Montessori Academy.  My daughter started in the 1 year old program (Garden of Enlightenment) and worked her way through The Magic-Garten program and is now enjoying Pre-Kindergarten.  In her time at the school, she has received exceptional instruction and sincere love and affection.  These days, it is rare to find such a loving environment where the teachers are completely committed to fostering the best qualities of each child. Every child is seen as an individual capable of contributing his or her special talents to the class. This has enabled my daughter to feel confident and secure about her place in the classroom and the materials she is learning.

In addition, BMA uses the Montessori method to help each child reach his or her full academic potential. The class is stocked with authentic Montessori equipment and divided into centers which focus on one of the categories of learning.

My daughter and my family have greatly benefited from every moment we have been at the school, and hope you will consider joining our family at Belleair Montessori Academy.”

Jennifer Magee

“We are so pleased with our experience at Belleair Montessori Academy during the last school year. We enrolled our son in their VPK program in hopes of preparing him for kindergarten. The teachers and staff at the school were friendly and dedicated to educating their students. They gave our child a great foundation in reading, writing, and math as well as helping him learn how to behave in social situations. He usually came home singing songs that he had learned that day in class and talking about the fun he had on the playground.

I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a VPK program or preschool for their child. I’m confident that our son is ready for kindergarten thanks to Belleair Montessori Academy.”

—Curtis and Gary Jo Thonen