About Us

Our Philosophy

misc_index2We believe that the Montessori teaching method introduces the child to a life time of enjoyable learning. The Montessori materials, largely manipulative, help to answer the child’s developmental needs and enable him/her to experience the excitement of learning by his/her own choices. Maria Montessori believed that in every child there is a special kind of sensitivity that leads him/her to absorb everything in their environment. At Belleair Montessori we strive to provide a stimulating and nurturing atmosphere in every classroom.

Belleair Montessori Academy provides individualized programs designed to meet the educational needs of students ages one through pre-kindergarten/kindergarten.

Belleair Montessori Academy offers the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program and accepts children with scholarships from the Early Learning Coalition.

Mission Statement

At Belleair Montessori Academy, our mission is to provide an environment that will stimulate the child’s natural learning curiosity. The Montessori atmosphere allows each child to develop on an independent level that will encourage intellectual and creative thinking.